This document sets out our core service quality markers.

Expert witness standards

  1. We are fully compliant with the requirements in regulations and legal standards of practice.
  2. We do not deviate from the standards
  3. We will turn down fee and instructions if there is reason to think that standards are possibly being compromised.
  4. To be even clearer, we are not hired guns – and if you require a rough and ready court report kindly look elsewhere.


  1. We are contactable directly by phone, and email.
  2. We are approachable.
  3. We are friendly.
  4. We listen.


  1. Our customers are kept informed in language they can understand.
  2. We listen. We said that before but we say it again.


  1. We are trustworthy.
  2. We do what we say we will.
  3. We will demonstrate impartiality.


  1. Our service is truly delivered by an expert possessing the required skills and knowledge
  2. We demonstrate this in the quality of our reporting.


  1. You will be treated politely, with respect, consideration, and openness.
  2. We listen.


  1. We deliver on time
  2. We deliver what we say we will.
  3. We document all your requirements.


  1. Our service is about helping you, the courts and other organisations who contract for our assistance. We will demonstrate our willingness to help.
  2. Nothing is perfect except chaos. If we did not get it right we will respond to feedback, not with excuses, but with ways of improving on where we fell short of expectations.


  1. Our reporting is never transmitted via email or other electronic means unless content is encrypted.
  2. Unencrypted email is kept devoid of identifiable data.
  3. We adhere to strict protocols for protecting data.
  4. We respect privacy and confidentiality.


  1. Our standards are sourced from tangible codes of practice e.g. Royal College of Psychiatrists, World Psychiatric Association, Department of Health, The General Medical Council, Case Law, The Civil Procedure Rules.
  2. We apply our standards.
  3. Our duty is to the court or other body requesting reports. We do not fight to win your case like on American TV. Such drama is not applicable or appropriate in UK legal systems.


  1. Our representatives will be well presented 100% of the time.
  2. No representative will be a smoker or suffer with halitosis (bad breath).
  3. We prepare our reports using high quality software and computer equipment.
  4. We are punctual at meetings.

Understanding you, the customer

  1. We exist for your business.
  2. We will actively seek to understand what you require.